Data Entry work is a simple work where you need to copy the information from the Word/Excel (will be mailed by our data team everyday) & need to paste & type the information in the form provided in the user panel on our client's website.

Sample data & form size is mentioned below

Each Form has got 4-5 Boxes to fill (check the form size below) & it just takes 10-15 seconds to fill one form. We'll pay Rs 1 per form submitted.

To view the Size of the data entry form, Please

To view sample excel data,

Please note this is just a sample data, actual working data will be given to you once you start working with us.
you have to copy the information from excel sheet & paste it into the data entry

Data to fill the forms will be sent by our Data team & 24*7 assistance will be provided to you once your account is activated for data entry work.

We'll be Paying you Rs 1000 per Assignment (1000 submitted forms).
You can easily complete 1 assignment in 3 to 4 hours.

Submitting 1000 forms means you have completed 1 Assignment.
1 Form takes 15 to 20 seconds to fill & you get Rs 1 per form.

You'll get the payment withdrawal option in your login panel.
You can withdraw the payment anytime you want through Bank / PAYTM.

Work will be mailed by our data team every working day.

So if you'll devote 1-2 hrs a day from your Home / Office / Coffee shop, then you can easily complete 10 assignments in a month & you'll  paid Rs 10,000.

We are not like other Data companies who claim that you can earn 40k-50k per month from starting. But, we always work on the fact & show true figures.

Set Up Cost / Joining Fee : Rs 175 (Refundable with the first payout)

Reason for taking Processing fees -

As we send data files which contain important information so we need to charge an amount as security charge. Once, you start working on regular basis, we refund it with the first payout.

Whosoever pays the amount gets account activated on the sameday.

You can withdraw your earnings every day or any time you want. You can take your payment by any of the following options of your choice-

1. we will send Cheque to your home
2. you can transfer the money to your bank(transfer option will be there in your account)
3. PAYTM (withdraw option will be there in your account)
4. Paypal (withdraw option will be there in your account)

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Here we are giving you an opportunity to earn from home by doing part time work. More than 4,200 associates across India are satisfied working with us.
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  • No time boundation / no time limit
  • Genuine part time jobs provider
  • Daily payout (withdraw money by own)
  • No experience required
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  • Lifetime earning
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