How to work - Step by step guide

At first you have to fill the registration form, after registration automatically you will get a username and password to your email, you'll be assigned a dedicated 24*7 support teamto contact for any work related queries/issues. You have to login to your account, you can see your earning amount, your work information & everything required will be there.

A training guide will be there for how to proceed for work. Its very simple, just do your work and earn money.

We provide 6 types of online works- ad posting & copy paste work, email & sms work, data mining and social media work. You can do all 6 types of work together or any type of work.for example today you do only data entry and data mining, tomorrow you can do form filling and ad posting or email work or SMS work. What ever you want you can do. All details will be available after login.

We are providing you an extra benefit. You will be getting important mails from our 24*7 support team about earning more & working for more. Your registration here will also open doors for new opportunities for work from home. We charge a nominal fee of Rs 99 for this work which is refundable with the first payout.

1. Copy Paste Work:
Copy paste work is a simple work where you need to type the information from the pdf/Image (will be mailed by our data team) & need to paste & type that information in the form provided in the user panel (after login into our client website). We are paying Rs 300 to Rs 1000 as per the work size.

2. Ad posting work:
After registration we will send you login details & ad content will be displayed in the user panel. Various types of ad content will be there and where to post every thing will be there. You have to only post ads on olx / quikr. Instructions will be provided to you by our  24*7 support team. For every add you will get Rs.30 to Rs 50. For example, if you post 20 ads daily, you will get Rs 600 to Rs 1000 daily. Payouts varies from website to website. After receiving ads, you'll get responses on your mail, you need to submit responses on our panel & you'll be paid an additional Rs 4 to Rs 6 per response received.

3. Data Mining Work
After registration we will send you a online link from where you have to fetch information like mobile number & email ids and you have to submit the information you have gathered on our client's website / user panel . We will provide you work every day. For every information, you will get Rs. 2-4. For example, if you fetch 100 email id & mobile numbers in a day, you will earn daily 200 to 400 daily. Spending 30-45 minutes a day is sufficient to fetch 100 information. Complete training material will be provided to you by your account manger through email & online support.

4. Email Sending Job :
After registration you'll be provided with some content of various emails will be provided to you. How many emails you've sent, we will come to know. for every email sent, we'll pay you Rs 3 to Rs 6 per Mail.

5. SMS Sending Job :
After registration you'll be provided with some content of various emails will be provided to you. How many SMS you've sent, we will come to know for every SMS sent, we'll pay you Rs 2 to Rs 4 per SMS sent.

6. Earn from Social network:
You can earn money by Youtube, facebook, whatsapp, fiverr etc sites. After registration we will send you instructions to your mail id, information & instructions will be there. Don't worry, your account manager will guide you for the complete working.

How you will take your payment (Daily Payout)
First you have to register here. After that we will provide you a username and a password to your email and you can login to your account. when you will login to your account, you can check how much you earn total.

You can withdraw your earnings every day or any time you want. You can take your payment by any of the following options of your choice-
1. we will send Cheque to your home
2. you can transfer the money to your bank(transfer option will be there in your account)
3. PAYTM (withdraw option will be there in your account)
4. Paypal (withdraw option will be there in your account)

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Here we are giving you an opportunity to earn from home by doing part time work. More than 4,500 associates across India are satisfied working with us.
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